1.Growing Up

I grew up surrounded by music as my parents worked in the industry. My father was a singer and a drummer, while my mother was a backing vocalist, both of them for live bands in my then home Vietnam. And their ’60s and ’70s style rubbed off on me; the likes of Barry White, Donna Summer and Tina Turner were huge childhood favourites of mine.


The big influences came in my teens – bands like Culture Club, Depeche Mode, The Cure and The Police directing my musical tastes, while the first concert I went to was to see George Michael. However, the single biggest musical influence on me has been Michael Jackson – scores of his songs are among my favourites both to listen to and to remix.

3.Your Crew

Choosing to pursue a career in DJing and production was driven by both Danny Tenaglia and Peter Rauhofer, who I discovered while visiting the US when I was 22 years old. Seeing them play and the music they produced is why I do what I do today. My music career takes me right across the world to play alongside many of the circuit’s biggest names.

4.The Music You Make

Much of my podcast production is drawn from my live sets following club nights, events or festival appearances, the genre content dependent on the style of sound dictated by each gig, ranging from house music to techno and pretty much everything in between. However, the main thrust of my music production is remixing singles, for example, from Depeche Mode through Madonna and, naturally, Michael Jackson – all these stemming from my teenage years of musical influence. But I have a discography of my own singles too; highlight house music hits including ‘The Sound Of C’, ‘The Bomb’ and ‘Give Me Luv’. These along with many of my current remix projects are sure to make their way into my set at some point.

5.Music, Right Here, Right Now

I think the clubbing scene currently demands a lot from us DJs because the audiences expect to hear all sorts of sounds, so the fact that I am not known [for] or stick to one particular genre helps me not only find work more easily but allows me to share my music right across the scene from gay to straight and back again. For me, having that flexible approach overcomes what is a tough working environment for many DJs at the moment, so those stuck in a single style of sound tend to struggle more. Plus, I can count myself lucky to have extremely strong promotional contacts both locally here in Paris, and internationally, that offer me plenty of good opportunities, although many of my contemporaries are not so fortunate – this is perhaps their biggest single obstacle.

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