1.Growing Up

My parents were mods so we grew up with a lot of soul and Northern soul music. On Sundays in our house TV was not allowed; we would move the couch into the middle of the room and play balloon volleyball for hours while my parents would play their records and eight-track cartridges. I was quite a rebellious child according to my parents and I guess solace was found in music. It still is the most important thing in changing from one mood to another.


Gil Scott-Heron, The Jam, James Brown, Talking Heads, Larry Levan, Ron Hardy, DJ Harvey, friends, my wife and my kids. So many, many more…

3.Your Crew

My brother was a big influence on me musically; he had a lot of Japanese imports of The Jam, The Who and Northern soul seven-inches. I’ve been working with mates mainly; the collaboration of a group of friends in a room bouncing ideas off each other is most pleasing. My wife and I run a fashion company in Bali designing clothes that puts the bread and butter on the table. We have two kids aged five and seven that keep us pretty busy too.

4.The Music You Make And Play

Good dance music, a bit of disco, house, Italo, acid, and I try to get it in the right order!

5.Music, Right Here, Right Now

It’s wonderful and vibrant; there is so much music that is accessible now and people can dig and explore to their heart’s content. I live in Bali most of the year; there are a lot of great DJs and local bands here that are really pushing musical boundaries. There is this one guy called Dea in Bali who has an amazing record collection and is one of the best DJs I’ve ever heard. It’s exciting to hear someone playing eclectic dance music, stuff you’ve never heard, but they can piece it all together.

Nick Field plays theRotarydisco Christmas, at Tatler on Friday December 23.

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