1. Growing Up

I am a Berlin kid – raised and born in the city’s dystopian madness. Everything [that] surrounded me influenced me – Berlin is me, I am Berlin.

2. Inspirations

I really respect the artists around me, for example Recondite, Felix K, Alex.Do and Don Williams. The Token-Crew is also a big pleasure to have.

And everyone is liking Kraftwerk, so I do as well.

3. Your Crew

Luckily I decided to just concentrate on music at the moment. Producing and travelling around is my life now. Dystopian is the motor who keeps the things running.

4. The Music You Make

I am coming from a time where a DJ played easily from the beginning to the end. My goal is to keep the people in a journey of dystopian, melancholic sound. To create a never-ending flow!

5. Music, Right Here, Right Now

Berlin is such a great city, but sometimes a little bit of overkill, so many parties there every weekend. But I really need to point out our last Dystopian parties in November and June 2013 – priceless!

Also I am really looking forward to our last Dystopian party in 2013 at the end of December – a great way to see all friends and colleagues at one place!

Rødhåd plays the Imperial Hotel on Saturday December 14.

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