1.Growing Up

I grew up listening to a lot of dance music that was always played in the house thanks to my mother. She loves her music and has really good taste! So there was always very cool music playing in our home environment, including a lot of early DJ mixes, anything from acid house, hip hop and house. All these have had a major influence on me today.


When I was a grommet some of my influences came from Public Enemy, Ice-T, Prince, Soul II Soul, Grace Jones, Womack & Womack and George Michael. Moving to dance music, some early inspirations came from Adeva, Deee-Lite, Tyree Cooper, Jungle Brothers, Quincy Jones and FPI Project. Further down the track, DJs like Sasha & John Digweed, Danny Howells, Terry Francis and Eddie Richards have been big inspirations. I love their music taste, style and approach to building sets. Also, locally, Paul ‘Flex’ Taylor, Phil Smart and Sugar Ray have all been inspirations.

3.Your Crew

I’m a resident DJ at The Spice Cellar. I love it and it’s a real family vibe. Murat, Rebecca, Steve Sullivan, Joong, Telly, the resident DJs and the rest of the team are all great to work with, and the people on the dancefloor week in and out are just awesome. I also work with the Swerve guys Hadi and Ignacio on Sundays at Marco Polo, Ivy Pool Club – another great venue and crew.

4.The Music You Make

When someone asks me what type of music I play I find it really hard to answer. I like so many different music genres and have always had the attitude that if I like it, I will play it! I also never tend to stay on the same vibe. My sets can be quite unpredictable at times. For my eight-hour set at Spice I’ll be loaded with a broad range of sounds but don’t really know how I’ll play it until I feel the vibe in the room on the night. I am so excited for this party. It really is a dream to be able to play eight hours of music to my favourite dancefloor!

5.Music, Right Here,Right Now

Sydney is buzzing. We have a great scene. Our local DJs are world class and there is so much happening in the way of good club nights and events. There really isn’t a dull moment. Plus we have beautiful beaches. We are very lucky people!

Robbie Lowe celebrates 20 years of DJing atThe Spice Cellar on Saturday January 25.

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