1.Growing Up

Ours was a musical household and one of my most succinct memories was the moment that Paul Simon’s 1986 classic album Graceland was introduced to me by my mum. I would have been about nine at the time and I remember feeling like a switch had been flicked in my head and it totally sparked my obsession with music.


I’m lucky enough to have amassed something in the region of 12 or 13,000 records since I stared collecting in the early 1990s. I don’t collect much anymore, but I’m still hugely inspired by my collection and specifically by unearthing sounds that I have completely forgotten about over the last 20 years!

3.Your Crew

I focus most of my energies on production, so I’m mostly affiliated with the overseas labels that release my sounds and support me as an artist. Mother Recordings, Neim, Dance Till Death, Exotic Refreshment, Escapism Musique and others… I work solo as Shivers* but have various other guises and collaborative projects happening too.

4.The Music You Make And Play

As Shivers* my production is all about exploring the spectrum of underground house music: raw, deep, jacking, techy, garage-inspired or otherwise. I’m lucky to have my releases supported by Deetron, Alex Niggemann, Uner, Kiki, Gregor Tresher, DJ Sneak, Fur Coat, Rodriguez Jr., Guy J, Luna City Express, Karotte and more. When it comes to my club sets, I tend to be a bit more eclectic and am not restricted by genre, so I’m often playing in spaces around house music: techno, disco, minimal, acid, electronica and everything in between.

5.Music, Right Here, Right Now

Traditionally, Sydney (and the Australian scene) has mostly been dominated by flashy transient overseas trends (think dubstep, American EDM, deep house, et cetera). But in more recent years I have to say that I’m proud and super inspired to see that there are more and more healthy pockets of underground resistance (pardon the pun) forming around the country. It is a fact that these ridiculous draconian lockout laws are clearly hurting everyone, but we shall eventually overcome!

See Shivers* playing at The Spice Cellar with support from SlowBlow, Spacejunk, Cassette on Saturday June 28.

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