1. Growing Up

I grew up with football, tennis and sport in general. Music wasn’t something I came to love until an older age. I mean, I played instruments like the clarinet, but it wasn’t really feeling it the way I love jazz, soul and electronic music now. When I was younger I tended to enjoy my own company – you can see this in the way I enjoy making music today, me myself and I.

2. Inspirations

I admire musicians that push their boundaries – David Bowie, Marvin Gaye, Prince, Kenny Dixon. I admire innovators. I will never forget when I first listened to What’s Going On back-to-back on cassette. I knew then that music was a future career path,something that was hiding in me all of a sudden came to the light.

3. Your Crew

Growing up in Madchester (Manchester), it was inevitable I was going to grow to love music. From indie to house and techno, we really were the birth of the global club and it still lives strong in the city, and me, to this day. I run a label, I produce music, DJ and throw events which can also be unique concept showcases. Music is my life, job and hobby.

4. The Music You Make

Musically, my mindset has always been across the board, so house and techno feel the same to me both as a producer or a DJ. I chose to come out with the ideas I had in my head at the time, which back then was mainly soul, jazz and disco-based. Later with In The Red I was looking to push myself as a producer, working with live musicians and more song-based production. Once you have been through this process you learn many skills that I then used to surround myself with machines. [Latest album] Treat Me Right you could say is a byproduct of most shows that were played during peak time to the masses. With this LP I wanted to make tracks I could play and incorporate in my set but that also sat musically well at home with my label, Prime Numbers.

5. Music, Right Here, Right Now

There are more records being sold now than at any time in the history of this scene. Our little scene is healthy and here to stay. We just need to keep innovating and concerning ourselves more with the future than with now and the past. I dig deep, so right now I’m hunting music that sounds like now, but is from way back when.

Trus’me plays S*A*S*H at the Ambercrombie on Sunday September 22 and Treat Me Rightis out now through Prime Numbers.

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