1. Your Profile

If we were to describe ourselves, we would probably be the biggest fan of every band you know. We love finding bands that are so genuinely talented; you’ll always see us at shows scoping out cool new bands. As a band, we take a lot of influence from bands like Neck Deep, A Day To Remember and Blink-182. We don’t look for anything in any of our fans except that they’d treat everyone else with respect, and we’ll also do the same. There’s no space for ignorance in music, especially in the local scene.

2. Keeping Busy 

Lately we’ve been focusing on getting our EP out and we’re so excited that it’s finally here. The shows we’ve been playing recently have been amazing and have been with really cool bands, and it’s really humbling and fun. Besides that, we’ve also started writing again, and while we don’t want to look too far ahead, where we’re heading at the moment is really exciting.

3. Best Gig Ever 

It’s probably a tie between our last show at Valve Bar with Satellites or our first MMRS show. Both times the crowd was great and we felt like we sounded amazing; it felt amazing. Not counting our first show, one of our most recent shows was probably our roughest – we went through a lot that night and it got the better of us. It was probably the worst we’ve felt after a show and everything leading up to it just affected us way too much onstage. It was definitely a learning curve though, and we’re all the better for it.

4. Current Playlist 

We all have varied music tastes. We’ve been spinning the new Skepta, WSTR and Northlane albums, which we all thoroughly enjoyed. We also can’t count out local legends Vices and Zen Haircuts, who put out ripper releases recently, and we’re really excited for the new Blue Velvet EP. We all managed to catch Trophy Eyes together with Ambleside, Our Past Days and Columbus, and that was insane. The intensity was on another level and we honestly can’t wait to catch all the bands again. In terms of shows coming up though, we’re all very keen for the upcoming Hellions tour; that will be insane.

5. Your Ultimate Rider 

The first thing that came to our mind was Little Fat Lamb. We all drink it and it’s the reason we also find ourselves hanging on a footpath every now and then. Every rider we’ve had so far has just been drink cards, which are swell, because who doesn’t like free drinks, right? Our pre-show routine is going through a box of Shapes and critiquing the flavour, so we’d love Shapes to become a regular feature of our rider. ■

[Oaksphoto by POH Photography]

Oaks’ Space To Grow by is out now independently.

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