Liberal MP Matthew Mason-Cox has hit out at his own government’s insane decision to drop $2.5 billion on knocking down and rebuilding two perfectly-functional sporting stadiums in Sydney, comparing it to the “disgrace” that is our state’s child protection net.

The two stadiums to be Grand Designs-ed are the ANZ Stadium (the one out at Olympic Park), and Allianz Stadium.

“A couple of sporting stadia [can be prioritised] before the welfare of the most vulnerable children and families in our community”, he told Fairfax.

“It’s a no brainer as far as I’m concerned.”

Firstly, who knew “stadia” was the plural of stadiums (it is, I checked).

Secondly, as if that $2.5 billion figure won’t blow out by another lazy billion or three.

Thirdly, such fissures will hopefully put pressure on the N.S.W. Government to reconsider such madness.

“At this point in time we are still waiting to hear from the government about whether there is a business case for the stadia, we don’t know whether that actually stacks up, all the evidence points to it being difficult to justify [and] the party room hasn’t been informed as to where exactly things stand,” he continued.

“The party room hasn’t had time to reflect on this, we haven’t seen a business case and I think the government needs to be more transparent in its decision-making.”

As usual, when it comes to this topic, Lord Mayor Clover Moore didn’t mince words when commenting on Mason-Cox’s comments.

“Incredibly, a member of the Liberal State Government has today launched a scathing attack on his own government’s multi-billion dollar stadium knockdown-rebuild concept”, she wrote on Facebook.

“What will it take to convince the Premier to call off this farce and redirect funds where they’re urgently needed?”

Perhaps this report, which suggests the proposed building won’t even be big enough to host an international rugby match. As Plato once said: “Fkn LOL.”