Ionce discovered a four-page handwritten letter in a second-hand book, detailing the end of a love affair between three women in Hawaii.

It was full of tantalising clues, suggestions of a complex history, and with an unintelligible signature, it’s a story I’ll never complete. Found By Laura takes this intrigue one step further. Drawing from a collection of randomly found notes, lists and letters accumulated over 12 years, this is an exhibition at once deeply personal and full of wild conjecture.

“As soon as I found that first [note], I remember thinking, ‘This is kind of interesting,’” Laura Sullivan recalls. “It hit me at once. I thought, ‘Wow, it’s actually kind of amazing to hold this piece of somebody’s life in my hand. So I put it in my pocket, and I know it sounds kind of cheesy, but from there, that’s when things opened up. Everything shifted. It was shortly after that I found the next one just outside the building next door, this old restaurant receipt with a printed number and [the words], ‘I Love You B.B – Your Angel’. The fact it was just on this random bit of paper, on the side of the road in the middle of the city, there was something interesting there.