For an EP from a group that claims it’s “not afraid to be unladylike”, this debut release by the feminist four-piece Glitoris sounds as sweet as anything.

The punk rock numbers on The Disgrace mesh the raw sound of classic punk with lovely thick Aussie accents and angry girl attitudes. And hey, if their name wasn’t enough to grab your attention, the four songs on this introductory set will certainly prick up your ears.

‘Disgrace’ offers some sweet vocal harmonies, masking the cynical undertones with a plethora of melody. Frontwoman Keven 007 sings with a commanding tone – it’s endearing, powerful and packs a whole heap of appealing attitude.

The surrounding tracks ooze lyrical genius, predominantly depicting feminist domination, while the instruments pound away at pure punk (‘Off With Their Heads’ is a rhythmic masterpiece). If The Disgrace proves one thing, it’s that punk doesn’t have to be all about sweaty, screaming boys.

Glitoris are full of attitude and fresh creativity, and these songs only stir up excitement for how their sound will translate to their live shows.

The Disgrace proves punk music still has something to say when it’s delivered in the right hands.

Glitoris’The Disgrace is available now throughButtercup.