Sydney Health food store Ella’s Wisdom were trying to do a good thing, with their new vegan ANZAC cookie: a gluten, dairy, soy, egg and refined sugar free treat for Vegans, Paleo diets, and those punishing their children. It sounds horrible, to be honest, and barely fits the parameters of a cookie – but taste is subjective, and diets are personal, so whatever.

Taste issues aside, the company has ran into a bit of hot water for their misuse of the term ANZAC, which apparently you can’t just toss around.

Ella’s Wisdom have since apologised, ‘cos you gotta these days.

“We had no idea about the fact that was a protected term. When we started selling our cookies at the markets people started referring to them as Anzac cookies so that’s how we called them, we did not mean any disrespect to the country we love and we simply wanted people with different dietary requirements to enjoy some Anzac like cookies as well,” they wrote.

“We sincerely apologise for any hurt feelings this might have caused.”

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