The Golden Gaytime resurgence continues as five special flavours make their way to Market St tomorrow.

A stalwart of milk bar freezers for what seems like forever, the invitingly-named Golden Gaytime has had a bit of a renaissance in recent years, becoming just a touch trendy as far as ice creams are concerned.

Having already received a the honour of being made into a burger last year, the Streets icon is now hitting peak hipsterdom with the news that Golden Gaytime popups will soon be a thing.

As of tomorrow, the ‘Crumb Shed’ will be opening up at Topshop/Topman on Sydney’s Market Street (they’re also heading to Melbourne), and will come packing five new flavours especially for the occasion.

Replacing the classic cream will be goodies like popping candy, pretzels, potato chips, and even edible glitter, all with cheeky names like ‘The Crumb Choc Millionaire’ (no points for getting the reference).

That one’s a mix of coconut, chocolate and the aforementioned potato chips, by the way. If that doesn’t quite tickle your fancy, the glittery ‘Unicorn Breath’ brings the sweetness up to 11 with the popping candy and musk sticks, while the ‘Chocapalooza’ and ‘Golden Chief’s Salty Gaytime’ keep things a bit more reasonable with banana and caramel respectively.

Really leaning into the whole ‘crumb’ angle, you can pick up an ‘OG-G’ – just the old standard with extra crumbs piled on – or you can score straight-up tins full of the cookie crumb to do with as you wish.

You’ll be able to try them all for $6 a pop(sicle) from tomorrow onwards, but they’ll only be sticking around for a short while before we’ll all have to abandon the glittery treats for the humble golden crumb once again.

Drop by the Golden Gaytime Crumb Shed when it pops up at Topshop/Topman, Market St Sydney from Wednesday January 18 onwards for a limited time.

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