After the Gossip Girl reboot trailer dropped just yesterday, its very first reviews are in. And boy are they just as controversial as the bombshells Gossip Girl is sure to drop across the brand new series.

The reviews in question reference what is being best described as “soft porn”. And not only do these scenes sound incredibly saucy, they also sound very, very kinky. Hence the soft porn references.

According to Page Six, Emily Alyn Lind’s character Audrey Hope gets pleasured by a fellow high-schooler on a night out at a club they snuck into. And it doesn’t end there. Apparently this is happening while she’s starting at another guy she’s interested in…

Another scene of the show is referenced, with Thomas Doherty’s character, Max Wolfe, seen kissing a girl, while simultaneously being felt up by another boy.

For the uninitiated, the original Gossip Girl may have featured scenes which led to sex or referenced it, but actors portraying their characters having sex was never a part of the deal.

As reported by Page Six, a source who has had an early look at the series stated, “I feel that this new iteration is trying too hard. They’re ruining something that’s classic, and at the same time, hyper-sexualizing these young actors in particular, which is really quite offensive.”

The reboot’s trailer ensures that drama is set to flare up when the queen bees of the Upper East Side welcome a new student into their friend group, who ends up cozying up to one of the girl’s boyfriends. Any reference of soft porn is not included.

While original cast members Blake Lively, Penn Badgley, Leighton Meester, Chace Crawford and Ed Westwick are not set to reprise their roles, the OG Gossip Girl narrator Kristin Bell will be.

Set to air on HBO Max in the US, Australia will be able to stream the episodes on Binge from Thursday, July 8th.

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Check out the official trailer for the Gossip Girl reboot: