Mother’s Day is coming up quick and fast! If you’re still last-minute looking for something to treat your mum to, Gotcha has an entirely new range of boba teas that will do the trick.

This Sunday is Mother’s Day, and if you’re still wondering what in the world to do for your mum’s special day, then we’ve got a bit of an idea up our sleeves: give mum a bit of a shopping spree, and then pop into Gotcha for their new curated Mother’s Day tea menu.

No, a plain cuppa just won’t do. Your mum deserves the best, and that’s why Gotcha has come up with a few new flavours specifically made with mums in mind. So, what flavours have the created? Keep a-scrolling!

First off, there’s a beautiful combination of fresh and fragrant chrysanthemums with a bit of sweet honey added to the mix to create their Chrysanthemum Honey tea. You could also be deemed the favourite by pairing this with a lovely bouquet of chrysanthemums, too!

If your mum is more keen on a fruity and fragrant brew, there’s a Peach Rose Oolong Black tea which brings a hybrid flavour of both green and black tea to the table, while boasting a subtle rose flavour, and a good dose of fresh peach.

Is mum on the health train? Gotcha has something for her, too! There’s a Black Sesame Oat Milk tea which is chock-full of antioxidants, or there’s the Purple Rice Fresh Milk tea which is known to calm the digestion.

Finally, there’s one last tea in the Mother’s Day range, and it’s called Kyobancha. Derived from the Kyoto region of Japan, this brew is filled with both nutty and smokey flavours, and isn’t very high in caffeine.

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So, if you’re keen to see mum happy this Mother’s Day, pop into Gotcha and try one of their new flavours. It’s sure to make your mum’s day!

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