Harrison Boon has blatantly come out and admitted what everyone was thinking, that his motivation to go on MAFS was for fame.

The MAFS villain made the admission during an interview on Nova’s Nathan, Nat and Shaun this morning, after telling the hosts that he’s a “bit of a knob”.

“I went on the show because I was looking to get into a relationship. I wanted to test myself,” Harrison said of his decision to take part in the experiment, adding: “And I was pretty open about the fact that at least if that didn’t work out, being famous also has its advantages.”

He continued, “So I’m just gonna come out and say that’s probably the two main motivations for most people going on the show, is that they’re either gonna meet the person of their dreams or their gonna get that blue tick.”

Throughout the current season, Harrison has been caught up in a number of dramas. In the premiere episode, he was confronted by his bride Bronte who was told that he had a girlfriend outside of the experiment. In the scene, Harrison admitted to sleeping with a woman he had a crush on days before filming his wedding.

While Harrison has clearly been portrayed as a villain on the show, elsewhere in the interview, the construction worker implied that his partner Bronte should take some of the blame for their edit.
“All of the women have turned on Bronte. You can see it on the show,” he said. “So ask yourself, what are you not seeing on the show to make all of the women turn against Bronte, regardless of the fact that they’re saying what they’re saying about our relationship? I mean, for women to turn on women, there has to be something really wrong with that woman’s behavior because the women on the show were much, much tigther than the guys.”

After being called a “gaslighter” numerous times by the host, Harrison kicked off and tried to end the interview.

“I think if there’s nothing I can say that you guys aren’t gonna attack with calling it gaslighting, then I, I don’t think there’s any point even having the discussion,” he said.

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