Abby, the ex of disgraced MAFS star, Harrison Boon has called him a ‘narcissist’ and ‘liar’ and confirmed that she’s in contact with his TV wife Bronte.

If you need a refresher of the action-packed scandals that have gone down in the first two weeks of MAFS season ten, Harrison and Bronte got ‘married’ on episode one. Their elation at their match-up quickly turned to desolation once Bronte was informed by her friend and wedding guest Jessica that Harrison had been seeing a woman in the days before entering the experiment.

The woman was later revealed to be Abby Millar who competed on the most recent season of The Bachelors.

After being confronted by Bronte at the wedding, Harrison admitted that he had had a crush on Abby for a long time, and the pair started dating just before filming for the show began.

In another scandalous turn of events, yesterday a voice recording was released that proved that Bronte knew that Harrison has been seeing someone before the wedding. In the message, Bronte said that if she happened to be matched with the groom, she would “play this up like crazy”.

Now, Abby has finally broken her silence during an Instagram Q & A. In now-deleted posts, the reality star answered a series of questions about Harrison.

In the first of four Harrison-related questions, a follower asked her: “Is Harrison as narcissistic as he’s being portrayed?”

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Abby confirmed that he was, “what you see is what you get,” she replied.

Another follower asked if there was “something going on” with her and the MAFS star. “Not after all the lies he has told,” she answered.

A third person asked Abby if Bronte had ever reached out to her, and the 21-year-old confirmed she had. In a fourth post, Abby was asked is anything was “true about what Harrison said”. She responded: “His story is constantly changing, what do you think”.

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