How did you come to be involved with S.A.S.H?

JH: I’ve been involved since the beginning, which seems like ages ago now! I was stoked to be included in the conglomerate of DJs the boys had on rotation at the White Horse, and I guess the sound I played was the sound the boys wanted to push, so they kept having me back – thanks guys.

G:Matt Weir told me that he was going to start a monthly party on a Sunday. I came along!

S.A.S.H recently moved from the old Abercrombie Hotel to its new home at Flyover Bar. What’s the vibe like at the new digs?

JH: To be honest it took me a while to fully warm up to the Flyover, but I’ve found each time I play there now it gets better and better. It’s a bit more polished than the Abercrombie, but the crowd and the atmosphere has possibly even gotten better since the move.

G: I love it. It’s pretty incredible to see how this transition has unfolded. We were nervous, you know, as anyone would be, but the vibe is as ridiculously awesome as ever.

Who are your inspirations as musicians?

G: I like everything from jazz to funk to hip hop music and all forms of electronic. I guess whatever mood I’m in will determine my preference, although electronic dance music is where my heart has been placed predominantly in my life so far. I have much respect for all musicians in general, whether electronic or live and acoustic. Even though I rarely play anything with a vocal in it, I respect singers greatly as I feel they truly open up their soul in a more personal and intense way for their craft.

Tell us about the music you make.

G: I’m on a bit of a techno trip at the moment and am enjoying playing some more intense tracks within my set, which usually consists of house music in all its forms. I always try and have a special moment within my sets, playing something really warm and beautiful amidst some tougher tech house to bring everyone back to the love. S.A.S.H is a great place to experiment with this kind of journey as the crowd is generally sensitive to a shift in feeling or direction – they will notice it and usually be appreciative of the journey you are creating.

What are your fondest memories from the first three years of S.A.S.H? What will it look like in three years’ time?

JH: My fondest memories so far would just have to be the numerous times closing the terrace at the Abercrombie. The crowd would always go berserk, and without trying to sound cheesy, it always gave you a big nothing-else-matters feeling. I’m sure a lot of others who’ve had a shit Monday due to S.A.S.H could relate. In three years I hope it is still the best party in Sydney, and still making hundreds of legends enjoy themselves on a weekly basis!

Head to S.A.S.H.’s Third “Excessive Fancy Dress” Birthday at the Flyover Bar on Sunday May 18. And remember – not costume, no entry!