Jerome Isma-Ae is one of Germany’s (and the world’s) most distinguished house DJs and producers. The one-man act, wise beyond his years, began making his own sounds at age 12; and later, at 18 – an age that saw most of us take our first legal sip of cheap wine – Isma-Ae was releasing his first 12”. The BRAG took with him to nab the low-down.

Where did you grow up and what was your childhood like?

In Munich, I went to a musical-based elementary school. This is where it all started. When I was 12 I played the bass in a heavy metal band. Later, I switched to electronic music. I signed my first record deal with a techno label when I was 18.

What’s inspired the music you make?

Soundtracks, other DJs’ and producers’ sets – I listen to all kinds of music to find inspiration. And of course the biggest inspiration is life.

Who else is in your crew?

I’m a one-man show, but I have some collaborations with Ilan Bluestone, Mark Sixma, Justin Michael and many more producers.

Tell us a little about the music you make, how it sounds, what it’s about.

It’s deep, dark, driving and uplifting. People say I take them on a journey with my music.

What was the most recent record you bought?

I get most stuff via promo. But the last mp3 I bought was a Toolroom compilation.

How do you feel about the music out there right now?

There is a tonne of shitty music on the market at the moment. It’s hard to find good tracks. Everything sounds the same somehow. But since I’m collaborating with different producers, we are working on something different and unique.

Jerome Isma-Ae plays Marquee at The Star on Saturday August 31.

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