Of all the puzzling things in the world, it feels unlikely that a curtain and a mysterious celebrity would become the subjects of a global search for unknown information. However, that’s exactly the problem countless internet sleuths are faced with currently.

Those of us born before a certain time would undoubtedly recall an era in which casual inquiries could remain mysteries forever. If your immediate circle of family and friends were unable to provide an answer, a trip to the library might be able to help, but often, only a chance encounter with the eventual answer could put your mind to rest.

These days, it seems amazing that questions can remain unanswered. With the ubiquitous nature of the internet providing all manner of information at the touch of a button, only those but the most intense and intricate mysteries are destined to be eternal conundrums, right? Well, that’s likely what everyone thought before they came across an infamous curtain.

Just what the hell am I talking about? Well, the story all starts back in January of 2020 when Reddit user TontasH took to the /r/TipOfMyTongue subreddit to ask a question about the identity of a famous person on their curtain. Many answers came forth, but as time went on, one person’s identity remained elusive, resulting in a few new questions over the months, including this one from April; “Who is this celebrity/famous person on my curtains”.

“I have had curtains made of a fabric printed with illustrations of famous people over 10 years (maybe from 2008),” they began. “All people have been recognized except [this] one.”

Again, it seemed like a simple request. All folks had to do was take a look at the picture and then write back with who they think the celebrity was, pairing it with the real-life reference photo that was used for the design. However, when folks actually took a look at the image, well, confusion reigned:

Like most casual sleuths, you’ve probably just taken a look at that image and said, “Oh, that’s easy! I know who it is! It’s…”, and that’s where the solving ends. In fact, most people have had the same reaction, having claimed they know exactly who it is, but unable to pinpoint a name or find a reference photo.

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Names like Björk, River Phoenix, Evangeline Lilly, Val Kilmer, and many, many more – over 200 – have popped up, with no definitive answer coming forth. In fact, the search has become so heated that even a subreddit – /r/CelebrityNumberSix – has popped up in hopes of finding their identity.

But firstly, let’s take a step back and answer a couple of important questions.

Where did this curtain originate?

According to an answer given by TontasH back in early 2020, the curtain was purchased back in 2008 at a store in their native Finland. Seemingly designed and/or sold by Latky Mraz in the Czech Republic, the company’s website listed the likes of Robert Kaufman Fabrics as a vendor. However, further attempts to track down information regarding the design’s release, creation, or promotion have remained fruitless at the current time.

In fact, one user – Data_Cap0101 – even reached out to Robert Kaufman Fabrics, only to receive a message noting that “we cannot disclose the names of our designers”. As they explain, it seems rather “odd considering they have an entire tab on their website dedicated to listing their designers.”

“I feel it came from them, but they do not want to take responsibility for it,” they concluded.

Interestingly, the design is also available in different colours, with website Fabrics House simply listing a red version as being a “decorative fabric with movie stars”, with no identities listed. Sadly, it’s currently out of stock.

Who else was on the curtain?

This is one question many potential sleuths have asked previously, having wondered if perhaps the other celebrities on the fabric are in fact similarly-unknown identities, or even just z-list celebrities who have no hope of being discovered. Well, therein lies a problem, since not only have the other images been identified by name, but also confirmed thanks to an accompanying reference photo their image’s design was based on.

Recognize celebrities

Containing a mixture of models and actors, including Adriana Lima (twice, oddly), Josh Holloway, Jessica Alba, Travis Fimmel, Ian Somerhalder, and Orlando Bloom, all of the celebrities had widespread fame throughout the ’00s, with each of the reference photos being taken between 2003 and 2007.

What else?

Amazingly, with that, we’ve basically covered everything we know about the fabric and its background, except the identity of celebrity number six. As expected, countless people have come forth with prospective names, but have been unable to back it up with a reference photo.

As one user stated: “I’ve seen the original of this photo. I don’t remember who she is or what exact colour the shirt is. But I do remember that she has some kind of VIP pass or Backstage pass around her neck. The thick dark line around her ‘neck’ is the strap for the pass.”

Unfortunately, they couldn’t remember the identity of the somewhat androgynous person, but claimed the celebrity in question was a female, with “dark blond” hair, and the image itself had been available online within the last couple of years, having likely appeared on Reddit or Instagram at some point.

Of course, others have looked at the image long enough to even posit alternative theories about the image itself. Some of these range from the fact that the location of the buttons on their top seem to indicate a men’s shirt, wondering if the mark on the right of the image is in fact a gun, or if the person is even a celebrity, suggesting maybe they were just a “random, attractive person who got caught in the photographic cross-fire” at some point.

One theory that holds weight comes from a user who suggested that a watermark may even be visible on the right side of the picture. This could seemingly explain any unwillingness for the distributor to relay any more details, given the fact that the designer might not have had the proper rights to utilise a licensed image for a mass-produced design.

But the question currently remains: just who the hell is this mysterious celebrity?

Currently, the most prominent and possible suggestion comes by way of Canadian actor Taylor Kitsch, who rose to fame for his role of Tim Riggins in Friday Night Lights around the time the original photos would have been taken. Of course, no definitive proof is yet to be offered up, meaning that this mystery will likely survive for quite some time to come.

If you think you can solve this mystery, head over to the /r/CelebrityNumberSix subreddit and put some minds to rest.

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