The news of the overwhelming loss of animal life due to the devastating bush fire crisis has felt overwhelming at best, but some species are fighting back…or at least learning to survive.

For some species, such as certain bats and lizards, the smell of smoke actually awakens them in the same way sound would, which is thought to have enabled some to escape the oncoming blazes.

In addition to smell, the sound of crackling awakens a ray of frog and bat species, further helping them escape, or at least shelter from, the fiery onslaught.

Kangaroos, on the other hand, have learnt to seek shelter at damns or other water sources, with some even having the awareness to double back to areas that have already been burnt, so as to avoid being caught out in areas that provide fuel to the fire (a technique used by pioneers in the American prairies).

Watch: Kangaroos flee bushfire in the hundreds


Believe it or not, some birds have used the fires to cash in on food, given the way it exposes objects of prey. Incredibly, some birds have even been observed picking up burning sticks in their talons so as to ignite other areas of grassland (obviously in small proportions) in order to expose hunting areas.

Meanwhile, other small mammals such as echidnas have been found sheltering under ash, with the blanket providing conditions which lower body heat, enabling some to survive the fire front.

Australian wildlife has co-existed for millennia with fire, but the current level of fire activity is unprecedented and is resulting in an environmental tragedy. At least we have a few stories of hope to cling on to.

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