There has been a bug in Instagram Stories in which stories are constantly reset to the beginning, but the solution is simpler than you think.

For frustrated Instagram users who keep seeing the same stories starting over from the beginning, there is now a solution to the problem in the form of an update to the platform.

On Wednesday morning, June 15th, Instagram released patch 239.1. The update’s patch notes were brief, and read, “The latest version contains bug fixes and performance improvements.” While there were no specifics regarding the stories bug, users reported the patch resolved the issue.

“My @instagram stories keep repeating themselves. Like whenever someone posts a new story it makes me watch the whole thing all over again. Is that a problem for anyone else or is mine being weird. I tried logging out and deleting the app but it didn’t work.”

“Can’t watch Instagram stories for a couple of days without getting a bit annoyed. They keep repeating themselves, and seems like it’s a platform issue? Is anyone else facing the same issue or is it just me? @instagram #Instagram #InstagramStories

“Some IG users had one major complaint this week. The app apparently kept forgetting where users had left off while viewing stories, causing some users to view the same stream of stories repeatedly.”

“Plz Instagram I don’t wanna see ppls stories over and over again”

“Why instagram making me view the same stories 100 times”

“anyone elses insta stories being weird ?? i keep having to view the same ones i ALREADY VIEWED !!! its pissing me off omfg”

“Ummm what’s going on with Instagram stories? The repeating is annoying… is this happening to anyone else ?!”

“That Instagram update fixed the issue I was having where Instagram stories kept repeating THANK GOD”

“Guys if your insta stories are glitching and repeating themselves just update your app”

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