From EOPS headsets to Magic: The Gathering cards, we round up some of the best gaming gear of 2022 worthy of your attention.

With so many companies wanting your time and money it’s easy to get overwhelmed with what you should and shouldn’t invest in. The good news is that we’ve gone hands on with a number of goodies and can help showcase some of our favourite bits of gaming gear so far in 2022.


It seems as though EPOS has been on something of a roll lately, releasing not one but two quality headsets in the last 12 months.

First up is the H6PRO – an incredibly well-balanced wired headset that is seriously worth considering if you’re primarily a PC player. Available in both open- and closed-back iterations (the former designed to allow a richer sound profile by allowing sound to naturally pass through while the latter helps block out some of your surroundings), no matter which version you pick up you’ll be thoroughly impressed. The build quality here feels a lot studier than some of its competitors – helped along by an internal metal and a leatherette top that gives off much more of a luxe look and feel. We’re even smitten with the colour combos – our test unit a Halo-like mix of green and gold that is unlike anything we’ve found anywhere else.

When it actually comes to game-time the H6PRO is more than capable of holding its own, comfortably handling the audioscape of every game we tested across PC and console. The good news is that the headset is even compatible with fancier sound options like PlayStation’s Tempest audio – you’ll just need to plug the 3.5mm cord into the controller first.

If you want to strip away those pesky wires, allow us to introduce you to the EPOS H3PRO Hybrid. This upgrade is a step-up in price (retailing at $‌399.00 vs the H6PRO’s $‌259.00), but once you wrap your ears around this bad boy you’ll see why. TheH3PRO’s biggest upgrade is arguably its wireless functionality – utilising a tidy dongle that never failed to pair for the weeks that we tested the unit.

Combined with the in-the-box GSA 30 Console Cable​ (that will allow you to play with a Switch or Xbox Series X), you can enjoy full compatibility no matter where you game. Then there’s the active noise cancellation, which performed so well at cutting out background noise during Elden Ring sessions we had to keep one ear cup away from the ear in order to keep up conversations with loved ones. But even without ANC switched on, the H3PO’s cushioning does well to isolate ambient noise, however it is worth noting that, similar to the H6PRO, the ear cups are on the narrower side, and may become uncomfortable over time for those with wider ears.

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That minor niggle aside, no matter which version you side with, you won’t go wrong with either EPOS headset.

You can buy the EPOS H6PRO & H3PRO Hybrid from the EPOS website.

Magic the Gathering: Streets of New Capenna

Sure it’s a slightly different variation of 2022 gaming gear, but we’ve been getting into Magic the Gathering for some time now and this Streets of New Capenna only continues that obsession.

This latest set introduces gangs and mobs to the lore, meaning long-time fans will likely enjoy the variations on the classic fantasy world. Admittedly for newcomers some of the cards can make things a bit complicated with text-heavy instructions, but it’s a challenge you’ll want to conquer as you build and refine your deck. Collectors will also be pleased with the series’ quality art in full form that might not have the spectacle of the Kamigawa set, has some especially interesting character design – stylish bird demons included.

Well worth a look for fans and budding players alike.

You can buy Magic the Gathering: Streets of New Capenna cards from Amazon.

Steel Series Prime & Prime Mini Wireless Gaming Mouse

No gaming setup is complete without a mouse to click away with and SteelSeries has no shortage of offerings. For fans of wired models there’s the SteelSeries Prime Gaming Mouse. With a clean matte finish and lightweight frame, it does well to zip around your mousepad with ease. The clicks are crisp, the wheel holds a good amount of tension and we never found the cord to get in the way during our day-to-day work or gaming. Priced at $119 (but we’ve seen it as low as $79) it’s an absolute bargain of a deal that’ll excel at being a workhorse of a device.

Meanwhile, for those looking for something a little more compact, allow us to turn your attention to the Prime Wireless Mini Gaming Mouse. While the fundamentals of the Prime remain, this tiny wonder shaves off some of the size – making it perfect for gamers with smaller hands and easy to throw into a backpack or travel bag – and ditches the wires with a beefy 100-hour battery life. The good news is that the simple design aesthetic and lightweight functionality remain intact.

The Prime Mini wireless will naturally set you back a little more (retailing for $229), but we’ve seen some stellar deals that can know up to $80 off that, making it an enticing purchase.

You can buy the Steel Series Prime & Prime Mini Wireless Gaming Mouse from JB Hi-Fi.

Satechi R1 Aluminium Hinge Holder Foldable Stand

With so many peripherals to juggle, maximising desk space can be something of a challenge. Satechi has been making home office products that blend into the gaming space for some time now, but we’ve become an instant fan of the R1 aluminium-hinge-holder.

This unit might look small and compact, but you’ll be shocked at how sturdy it actually is. From holding up our iPad Air to watch movies, playing controller-based Apple Arcade games and propping up whole laptops, the R1 stand doesn’t budge an inch.

Thanks to supporting grips, a 270-degree mount hinge and a 180-degree base hinge you’ve got a stellar amount of flexibility on offer here. That not only instantly provided us more room at the base of our desk, but was much friendlier for our ergonomics – a big help when you transition from office work to a late-night gaming session.

You can buy the Satechi R1 Aluminium Hinge Holder Foldable Stand from Amazon.

GameSir X2 BT Controller

If you’re an iOS gamer, choosing a gaming controller is incredibly easy thanks to the likes of the wonderful Backbone One. For Android users, it’s a little more complicated but GameSir would love to make things easy with its X2 BT gaming controller. Honestly, we can’t argue with them, because the company has crafted a compelling offering that strikes just the right balance between functionality and affordability.

The X2 BT features dual analogues, four main face buttons and four shoulder buttons, meaning you should be covered no matter what you want to play. Not only that, the analgoues have a good spring to them, while the other buttons are sufficiently clickly and tactile. Getting your device set up and in the right spot is easy, with a slide out mechanism that should be able to fit most devices (we didn’t struggle with an iPhone 13 Pro or Pixel 6 Pro).

Another big tick: GameSir provide you with a great little carry case that allow you to take the controller on the go without copping any unwanted damage. Recommended.

You can buy the GameSir X2 BT Controller from Mwave.

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