An American island is offering an all-inclusive island getaway with one huge difference; sex with 100 sex workers is included in the tariff.

The four-day event will take place on an ‘island’ near Las Vegas – which in itself is confusing enough, considering Las Vegas is in Nevada and the state is landlocked. Regardless, the Sex Island event promises “unlimited sex without a condom” to all attendees who purchase a ticket for $US4500 ($A6200).

There will only be 50 tickets on sale, and event organisers, Good Girls Company, attribute this to wanting to provide each attendee with at least “two girls per day” each. The 50 ticket holders will also have the opportunity to partake in a “sensual” helicopter ride.

“All of our girls are tested and free of any sexual diseases,” the event’s site reads. “At any moment you can switch girls with the other 50 guests.”

New York Post reports that the event is “drug friendly” and that there will be “on-site HIV and STI testing”  as well as access to horseback riding, a holographic concert and casino tours.

Promotional information for the event reads, “we are a company dedicated exclusively to entertainment for men” but adds it is “couple friendly, and you can definitely come with your Husband/Boyfriend/Partner”.

Sex Island began back in 2017 IN Colombia and cost $1,400 at the time. The inaugural event was also “drug friendly” and came with “free booze” and all meals included. However, Colombian authorities were outraged by the event and said that they would deport anyone who lands in the country with the intention of going to Sex Island. However, organisers insisted that the event would go ahead as planned. Whether the sex event actually played out in secret is unknown.

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The 2022 version of the event is set to take place tomorrow, and run through until May 8th, 2022.

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