King Amongst Many is not only exemplary of the Australian hip hop scene’s continued evolution and ability to produce dynamic and inspiring artists, but also proof it creates hip hop that is lyrically on par with the international heavyweights.

Hailing from Sydney’s inner west, dynamic duo Adit (production/mixing) and Solo (vocals) are back after somewhat of a hiatus with a brand new album, King Amongst Many. On their latest effort, Horrorshow showcase witty wordplay, dynamic flow and engaging storytelling, all backed by smooth production which incorporates subtle influences from other genres such as trip hop, funk and electro – no doubt accredited to Adit’s diverse background producing tracks for electronic act Left.

Opening track ‘Human Era’is a highlight, setting the tone for the album and showcasing Adit’s production skills as well as Solo’s flow and thoughtful lyrics. He shows off a deep understanding of lyrical composition, whether he’s musing about what it takes to inspire greatness in oneself on ‘Free’ (“True kings don’t demand respect, they command it / And inspire when all hope has been abandoned / But all I ever want to do is sit on the couch, put my worries into a spliff / And blow them into the clouds”), or contemplating the transient nature of modern society while he observes the demise of a local neighbourhood on ‘Listen Close’: “Now the signs in the street say ‘for lease’ or ‘for sale’ / An invitation to dream / Reminder of those who failed”. He also tackles challenging subject matter with grace, as in ‘Own Backyard’, which deals with the human rights issues surrounding the mistreatment of Australia’s indigenous community.

Despite featuring lots of heavy subject matter, the album contains light-hearted moments like the catchy ‘Nice Guys Finish Last’and the positive, upbeat ‘Make You Proud’. ‘Doctor’s Orders’ and ‘Dead Star Shine’ are also stellar tracks, rounding off a great album that is sure to set a new benchmark for what Aussie hip hop is capable of.

4/5 stars


King Amongst Many is out now through Elefant Traks.

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