I noticed a recurring trend among the millionaires and billionaires I follow on X (formerly Twitter): their unwavering endorsement of Eight Sleep.

Recently launched in Australia, Eight Sleep is a “smart” mattress cover company, designed to optimise the way we sleep. Powered by machine learning, these covers (which work on every bed) not only regulate temperature of your bed but also monitor key health metrics, offering a holistic approach to sleep optimisation.

I was initially put off by the price tag $3945 AUD for the king size, so I reached out to the company and asked them send me a unit for review, I wanted to see what all the hype was about.

They sent one, and now having experienced its benefits firsthand, I can confidently attest that it’s worth every cent they charge.

Eight Sleep Mattress cover

From the moment my wife and I started using Eight Sleep, we were astounded by its effectiveness.

Despite our differing temperature preferences – I prefer a cooler sleep environment while my wife likes it warmer – Eight Sleep seamlessly caters to our individual needs, ensuring a blissful night’s rest for both of us. Gone are the days of wrestling over the thermostat; now, we wake up feeling rejuvenated, having both having slept at the exact (different) temperatures we each want in the same bed.

A standout feature of Eight Sleep is its intuitive “away mode,” perfect for frequent travellers like myself. With a simple click, the bed adjusts to optimise to my wife’s comfort in my absence, seamlessly transitioning back to our split preferred settings upon my return.

The other thing which sets Eight Sleep apart is its comprehensive sleep tracking capabilities. By providing detailed sleep stats, it empowers users to pinpoint potential factors affecting their sleep quality.

Recently, I experienced a particularly groggy day, only to discover through my sleep stats that I had actually had a great sleep that night. Upon further reflection, I realised my fatigue was due to dehydration and inadequate vegetable intake that week, a revelation made possible by Eight Sleep’s insightful analysis and I was able to fix my diet rather than just blame a bad nights sleep.

In a world where every minute counts and productivity is paramount, Eight Sleep emerges as a game-changer in the quest for optimal rest and performance.

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