In case you missed it — like I missed it — Hungry Jacks now has a vegan burger. Perfect for desperate vegans trying to find something of substance to chow down on at 2 am.

The burger was launched in June and is compromised of “a 100% vegan patty made with carrots, peas, corn, potato and capsicum, plus veganaise and non-dairy vegan cheese”. To be honest it just looks like a vegan-ified version of the chains Veggie Whopper.

The burger is available now for a limited time, so get in quick and hit us up with an official review because quite frankly, there are so many vegan burgers to try and so little time.

It’s been an exciting week on the fast food front. With Maccas announcing that there’ll be an all-day menu launching nationwide, for all those desperately seeking french fries during a red-eye flight at the domestic airport. Read all about it here.