Content Warning: Explicit names of sexual practices, which some may find distasteful or triggering.

The discovery

It began innocently enough. I was trying to make some extra money selling my clothes on eBay, the go-to marketplace for anyone who’s ever racked up a credit card debt, is moving overseas, is going overseas, is saving for overseas, or in my case, has developed an unhealthy obsession with Lululemon that frightened both my wallet and myself.

I was surprised then, when scrolling through in-app messages about my activewear items, to see a message from a male asking whether I sold any sports socks. After a few messages back and forth it was understood that yes, he wanted to buy my used, worn socks (unwashed was fine), and no, he didn’t want to tell me why.

I sold three pairs for $40.

His next message after receiving said socks? “Do you have any g-strings I can buy?” I ended the conversation there. Partly out of respect to my partner, but mostly because I didn’t know anything about this man – other than he was a frequent buyer of used socks according to a cursory glance at his purchase history.