James Bond franchise producer Barbara Broccoli is reportedly open to casting Idris Elba as the next 007. With Elba already stating a long time ago that he’d take the role, hopefully it’s only a matter of time before our dreams are made a reality.

With Daniel Craig ready to move on from the role, it seems like the possibility of Elba becoming the next James Bond is more and more of a possibility.

“We know Idris … he’s a magnificent actor,” Broccoli told Deadline’s Crew Call podcast. She also noted that Elba has “been part of the conversation, but it’s always difficult to have a conversation when you have somebody else in the seat.”

Idris Elba has been keen to take on the role of the famous secret agent for years. When The Guardian asked him in 2009 how he felt about the possibility of playing Bond, Elba responded with: “Who wouldn’t like to play Bond? Do I think it will happen? No, but I’ve got what it takes to do it. I can run around, flirt with ladies and drink. Plus, I’m English.”

Daniel Craig (the current James Bond) himself has said circa 2009: “After Barack Obama’s victory I think we might have reached the moment for a [sic] coloured 007. I think the role could easily be played by a black actor, because the character created by Ian Fleming in the 50s has undergone a great deal of evolution and continues to be updated.”

With talks of Elba taking up the role of 007 going on for over a decade now, and Craig finally putting an end to his time as the lead in the franchise, all we can do is hope and pray that the next announcement for Bond will be Idris himself.

As long as he’s anything but a CGI cat, I think we’ll be content, tbh.

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