Hey there lovers of art and pop with an intergalactic flavour, all-round creative human, Kim Boekbinder aka The Impossible Girl, will touch down in March to play one-off intimate shows in Sydney, Melbourne and Perth.

The last time Boekbinder was here in Australia, it was for a string of ‘House Party’ shows following the successful crowd-funding campaign for her latest outta-this-world album,The Sky is Calling.

This time around, she brings along with her friend/filmmaker/animator Jim Batts. Batts, who has directed music videos for artists including Amanda-fucking-Palmer, Jess McAvoy and Barons of Tang, will be showing video projections inspired by Boekbinder’s space pop.

The Impossible Girl lands in Sydney on Wednesday March 5 at The Newsagency, and there are only 50 tickets available so pre-book now, or you’ll miss out.

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