Instagram accounts for a bunch of Aussie cities containing relatable local inside jokes are now a wonderful thing that exist and you’ll be feeling very seen after looking at them. 

We all love inside jokes. Niche jokes are what the individual inside of us lives for. Those quips that rely on inside knowledge to get just hit better. They become a big part of where we live: “just nipping on the clockwork orange to get home,” I used to say to foreign uni friends in Glasgow just to enjoy their perplexed faces not recognising I was actually going to be riding the subway.

Aussie cities have always had so many hyper-local jokes and now these wonderful Instagram accounts are collecting them all in one place. As per Pedestrian TV, a number of Affirmations pages for Aussie cities have popped up in the wake of the hugely popular @afffirmations Instagram account, which only launched at the start of this year but already has over 730,000 avid followers.

@afffirmations, known as Global Self Hypnosis, is a feel-good phenomenon, full of ironic-yet-relatable aesthetic pics that say things like “I will not google symptoms today” (you probably will) and “Corona did not make me socially awkward” (it probably did). And the affirmations bug has now spread to Australia and not just to the big cities either.

Sydney actually has three because they just have so many inside jokes I guess: @sydneyafffirmations, @sydneyaffirmations_, and @westernsydneyaffirmations are the three to follow. If “I’m so monorail to darling harbour” is the sort of clunky thing you’ve said or thought before, you’ll find a lot to enjoy here.

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Melbourne obviously doesn’t miss out, with @melbourneaffirmations having 5,000 followers and counting. As a Brunswick local, I felt particularly called out by “I acquire quality vintage products at Brunswick Savers” (if it’s not heaving with too many customers ay guys, nudge nudge?).

I’m sure the likes of Scott Morrison will soon be following @canberraaffirmations, chuckling appreciatively at things like “Telstra Tower harnesses my positive energy”.

Queensland has a few to check out as well, including @brisbaneaffirmations, @queerbrisbaneaffirmations if you’d prefer that, and a @goldcoastaffirmations one in the works. @adelaideaffirmations, @perth_affirmations, @centralcoastaffirmations_, and @hobartaffirmations are some of the other options for all your local jokes needs.

And Australia as a whole thankfully has its own account too, called @australiaaffirmations. “I knew Cotton On was cool before he TikTok girlies did” and “my onion will not fall off my Bunnings snag” are the types of jokes that will have you feeling smugly in-the-know over Northern Hemisphere losers.

And please note DMs are open for suggestions on most of these pages if you’ve had a killer local inside joke just waiting to go viral.

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