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This new Instax Pikachu printer lets you immortalise Switch screenshots

A new app will let you print screenshots from your Nintendo Switch right out of an adorable Instax Pikachu printer. 

Instax Pikachu printer

A new app will let you print screenshots from your Nintendo Switch right out of an adorable instax Pikachu printer. 

Polaroid-style photos have become all the rage over the last few years, especially with the popularity of the Instax line-up of printers and cameras.

Now Fujifilm is jumping on the nostalgia bandwagon and giving us the modern day interpretation of the Game Boy Printer via a new smartphone app – the instax mini Link for Nintendo Switch.

Come April 30, you’ll be able to download the app and use your instax device to print out your favourite scene or character from your Nintendo Switch console.

According to Fujifilm’s Japanese website “When the users select an image saved on Nintendo Switch, the QR code will be displayed on the screen of Nintendo Switch. Then, when the users scan it with the dedicated app, the image will be transferred to the smartphone and displayed on the app. The image can be printed as it is or cropped.”

Watch the trailer for the new Instax app below:

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As luck would have it, April 30 is when New Pokémon Snap hits shelves, so to coincide with both the new app and the new game, there will be a new “Ash White (Red & Blue)” variant to the printer line-up.

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More importantly, a limited-edition kit with a Pikachu silicone case will also be released and we want about ten of them. Honestly, could this thing be any cuter?

According to Press Start the limited-edition printer will be available in Australia from mid-May 2021 with a price tag of $199.00. If you want one for yourself, keep your eyes peeled because it’s sure to sell out quick smart.

The whole announcement hits us right in the nostalgic feels. When the original Pokémon Snap launched, children and adults alike rushed out to ‘Pokémon Snap Stations’. These hefty units (which housed an N64, CRT and printer) allowed you to print digital photos of your beloved Pokémon to cherish forever.

The ‘90s were a wild time and we’re excited to relive the pure joy of it all.

You can read more about this topic over at the Gaming Observer.

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