It’s International Burger Day, the best faux holiday of the year. To celebrate the holy and righteous day of the burg, a bunch of establishments are offering some pretty juicy deals. So we thought we’d do you a favour and compile them all into one sweet lil reference point. So without further ado, here are the best burger deals this International Burger Day:

$5 OG burgers at Chur Burger

No one does a meaner burger than New Zealanders and that is the hill I’ve decided to die on. Seriously, literally every burger I had at a dodgy truck stop diner in New Zealand absolutely shat on what America had to offer. Chur Burger is the closest thing a Sydney sider like me can get to a juicy Aotearoa burger. So head down to Chur in Surry Hills for a thicc serving of their OG beef burger.

Chur Burger
48 Albion St, Surry Hills NSW 2010

Surly’s half priced burgers

If your burger cravings still aren’t satiated after a trip to Chur, pop into Surly’s just down the road. The American-inspired bar will be dropping all their burgers to half price from 4 pm.

182 Campbell St, Surry Hills NSW 2010

The Burger Project free burgers

Neil Perry’s The Burger Project will be giving away 500 classic cheeseburgers today! The chain will be handing out 50 burgers at each of the Burger Project’s 10 locations across Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane. The burgers will be handed out from 11 am to 12 pm on Tue 28th May, so let your boss know you’ll be taking an early lunch. For more details and participating outlets head here.

Burger Urge

If irreparably burning your asshole is how you want to spend this day of the burg then get your toosh down to Burger Urge. The joint have released Australia’s hottest burger, and yes, they’re catering to vegans. The burger is quite simply a death wish. Here are some sizzling facts to get you in the mood:

  • The burger packs a combo of the worlds most nefarious chillies, equating to roughly 700x hotter than a jalapeno.
  • It hits at 2.2 million on the Scoville heat scale, so customers are required to sign a safety waiver and wear goggles & gloves with their meal.
  • Multiple ambulances were called last year to treat customers that thought they could handle a MILDER version of this dreaded burger.

The ‘Double Decker Death Wish’ is available at 26 Burger Urge locations across Sydney and Brisbane, so make like Fred Durst and skin your ass raw.

Maccas free Quarter Pounders

McDonald’s will be flogging 250,000 free Quarter Pounders to celebrate their hotter, juicier and tastier new recipe. The offer is available now until stocks last, exclusively through the mymaccas app.

The Milk Bar $1o donuts

This might be the single most revolting burger I’ve ever cast my eyes on. I thought the days of freakshakes and OTT junk food were behind us, but I was sorely mistaken. From 11 am The Milk Bar will be flogging their Maple Glazed Death burger for $10. So give yourself the gift of irreversible heart disease this silly season!

The Milk Bar by Cafe Ish
105 Regent St, Redfern NSW 2016

Free Burgs with Ya Drinks at Globe Alley

The burgers will be thicc and free-flowing this International Burger Day at Globe Alley. You’ll be able to chow down on a free cheeseburger, chicken burger or vegan southern chicken slider with all pint, spirit and cocktail purchases from 4-7 pm.

Globe Alley
1 Globe Alley, Melbourne CBD

8bit 30% off Burgers

If you’d prefer to celebrate today at home or in the office then 8bit burgers have you covered. They’ll be offering 30% of all deliveroo orders between 11 am and 2 pm today.

The Sydney store is also on the hunt for a burger eating legend. They’re set to challenge 5 burger smashing fiends to see who can eat the most cheeseburgers in 10 minutes. There will be a $200 8bit voucher up for grabs, but we doubt you’ll need it after.

51 Tumbalong Boulevard, Haymarket NSW 2000