Following the announcement of their upcoming joint SNL gig, Twitter seems to think that Elon Musk and Miley Cyrus are the duo you never knew you needed absolutely no one wants.

This morning Musk was announced as the host for the hit show Saturday Night Live with Miley Cyrus as the musical guest for its May 8th episode. Going by the response on social media, not many people are here for the move. Many users have even suggested that Cyrus take over double duty and host the episode alone.

The late-night institution’s official Twitter account announced the news on social media early this morning with a simple picture reading, “May 8/ Elon Musk/ Miley Cyrus.”

While Telsa Ceo Musk has somewhat of a rep for posting comical tweets and reigns supreme as the world’s second-richest man, many people are questioning how funny he actually is.

“Why does Elon think he’s funny? like who told him he was funny? he’s the least funnniest person that i can think of,” wrote one follower, as another concisely shared, “Why the f— is Elon Musk hosting snl what has society come to,” one user posted.

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“Elon Musk hosting SNL is the most reckless casting decision they’ve made since Donald Trump,” added another.

“IDK how much communication you have with lorne or the higher ups, but someone needs to tell them that absolutely no one wants this. I can not think of a single person who wants this, and I don’t mean Miley,” said a user.

“Was Miley not available for the full hour?” Quipped American comedian Chelsea Handler in response to the announcement.

It’s not Musk’s first foray on a high-profile live show, in 2018 he appeared on Joe Rogan’s podcast The Joe Rogan Experience and he smoked weed and drank whiskey during the appearance. Following the controversial episode, Telsa stocks dropped 9% and two high-profile executives suddenly announced they were leaving the company.

Meanwhile, Cyrus is quite the SNL veteran, she’s been a musical guest on the hit show five times already, with her most recent appearance being on the April 25, 2020 episode.

It seems as though Musk is already practicing his jokes for the appearance as he’s taken to Twitter today to suggest he’ll may be making some controversial moves during his performance. “Let’s find out just how live Saturday Night Live really is,” he tweeted alongside a devil emoji.

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Watch Miley Cyrus perform on Saturday Night Live: