With Love follows Lily and Jorge Diaz, with their friends and family across five different holidays. Throughout the series, the characters strive to find purpose, love and survive the holidays. 

We had presenter Kristian Fanene Schmidt sit down with Isis King (Sol Perez) and talk about the landmark series. 

“So the story is many different family members and their love stories. So mine is Sol, in the hospital, finding love.” 

“Sol is a trans non-binary oncologist” 

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King stresses the significance of her character, highlighting that “it’s okay to act out the trauma” that is regularly presented in the media. But, that they “also deserve to see [them]selves reflected as positive and loving characters.”

“I think it’s so cool to have a trans person to be a doctor”

“Sol has the support of their friends, their family. There’s going to be a couple scenes with grandparents which is so sweet”

Watch the interview with Isis King below! 

“What I love about this show is you see Sol kinda in this position where they have it all already…that’s something we never get to see”

To King, With Love means that “we’re starting to get where we should be, but there is still so much work to do”

“You can look in media and see trans people are still being dead named. Or, you know, you have the old president who was actively working to take away our rights”

“It’s still so important to be a positive role model for the next generation”

Amazon Studios’ head of television, Vernon Sanders explained that “we need [With Love]”. 

Creator of the series, Gloria Calderon Kellett, told Variety “it’s embarrassing that it has taken so long for the trans community to be seen this way… People just want love and kindness and equality”

With Love is a Amazon Prime Video exclusive

US, UK, Canadian and Australian viewers can stream all 5 episodes NOW. 

A global release is planned for Friday, February 15th

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