Jackson Lonie has interviewed his controversial MAFS ex Olivia Frazer on his new YouTube series Chat with Jackson and Friends.

During the 20-minute clip, Jackson and Olivia stroll around Olivia’s hometown of Terrigal, NSW, and they chat about their break up, Olivia’s new relationship, and her OnlyFans account.

“We’re friends. I think that’s the thing that shocks people a lot too, is that we can be friends after a breakup,” Jackson said to Olivia.

“Even beyond the show, like we had a very deep relationship,” Olivia replied. “So to lose that is just not something I’m willing to do.”

Speaking of her OnlyFans account, Olivia said she hasn’t had to motivation to upload new content lately.

“Honestly, I’ve been a little bit slack with it,” she told Jackson. “Not really feeling my sexiest,” she admitted. “It’s not one of those things you can just snap into. You really have to be in the mood to take sexy pictures and things like that. It’s like, ugh, when you don’t feel like it, you really don’t feel like it.”

However, Olivia said that despite not uploading much content, she’s still making money off OnlyFans.

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“I think I posted so much in the beginning that there’s still content for people to purchase and stuff,” she said.

“People who do subscribe to my profile are pretty loyal and have come around for a long time, which is awesome.”

The topic switched to Olivia’s new man, who she described as “chill as fuck”. However, the reality star said the way that she was presented on MAFS has affected her new relationship.

“So many people are like, ‘you’re so clingy and overbearing. No wonder Jackson ran a mile. New guy’s gonna run a mile.'”

“I’m so fucking chilled. I think the way that people perceive me from the show and the way that they edited me as well to be…. is fucking me up now that I’m seeing someone new. ”

“It’s made me scared that’s what I’m like when I know I’m not. Now I’m super trepidacious with how I approach this new thing.”

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Watch the full interview:

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