If you have ever been on a flight and in the near vicinity of a baby, their restless cries can make a long-haul flight feel even longer.

While there is an argument for exercising tolerance towards the little passenger and their no doubt overtired parents, there are a good amount of travellers who would rather as much quiet time in-air as possible.

Enter, Japan Airlines.

The airline has introduced a new tool to their online booking process that allows passengers to choose their seats, and see where a baby has already been booked to sit.

Children aged between eight days and two years old with seats purchased on any Japan Airlines flight will have a ‘child icon’ appear on the seating plan, which acts as a indicator to those passengers yet to buy their seats.

Of course, this development won’t guarantee that you will definitely secure peace and quiet in air, but it might provide some more comfort.

In 2016, Indian airline IndiGo introduced ‘Quiet Zones’, which barred children under 12 from sitting. Similarly, All Nippon Airways have also rolled out tools to indicate to passengers where babies and small children would be sitting.

The feature offered by Japan Airlines only applies to passengers booking domestic individual fares through the website direct.