Jay Z has been plastering the mysterious digits ‘4:44’ across a number of advertisements recently, but now we know what they mean thanks to a new announcement trailer. Surprise surprise, his next album is on the way.

While a previous version of the trailer was little more than the lightest of teases, the new version that dropped today comes complete with a selection of new rhymes from an unreleased track, ‘Adnis’.

Due on June 30, Genius reports that the record (his first since 2013’s Magna Carta Holy Grail) will be available exclusively on flagging streaming platform Tidal, in a joint effort with telecom provider Sprint. Whether or not it’ll be enough to entice people back to the platform over other options like Spotify remains to be seen.

The new track ‘Adnis’, meanwhile, is named after Hove’s late father, and mourns the relationship the two of them never got to have, with Jay spitting “I would say ‘My daddy loves me and he’ll never go away’ / Bullshit, do you even remember December’s my birthday?”

Check the new trailer and lyrics out below.

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