People say that the meaning of life is one of the world’s greatest mysteries. However, I would ask those people: “Have you seen Jeff Goldblum?”

In a video you didn’t know you needed, Goldblum has teamed up with Vanity Fair to analyse and discuss some of the greatest impressions of himself. 

The clip looks at impressions from actors and impersonators across Goldblum’s vast career. 

Firstly, An old SNL sketch looks at David Duchovny’s “very very nice” impression that highlights Goldblum’s colourful hand gestures as he “[beats] around the bush”, trying to find his words. 

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Then jumping forward to the age of TikTok, sees Matt Friend’s impression of Goldblum putting on a face mask. It’s fair to say that even the simple act of putting on a face mask is not simple when you are Jeff Goldblum. 

Other highlights are Bryan Cranston’s “intense” impression which makes mention of Goldblum’s iconic bulgy eyes. 

Ironically, Goldblum mentions he tries to avoid doing his bulgy eyes but when something amazes him he can’t avoid but “grow as wide as saucers”

And lastly of course, a “very good” impression from our favourite impressionist Tom Hiddleston. 

Goldblum describes his eccentric and physical behavior as an act that is “a half musical and dance sensual odyssey” that is “savoring of every smell and taste.”

While he blames his staggered and dramatic vocabulary on that he “hardly knows what [he’s] talking about”

No matter the reason, Goldblum’s resulting style and individuality has meant a field day for comedians and celebs who love to poke fun at, but also celebrate the strange creature. 

Goldblum takes it all in good heart and says that he “[embraces] them all into [his] basket of appreciation and goodwill.”

In even more exciting news, Goldblum returns as Ian Malcom in Jurassic World: Dominion this year, alongside series classics Sam Neill and Laura Dern but also its newer stars Chris Pratt and Bryce Dallas Howard. 

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