Jessika Power has revealed that she was the only person on her MAFS season allowed to drink spirits because producers knew she would create drama.

So you drink at the dinner parties, they go for 13 hours by the way.

So everyone got cut off except for me because [producers] knew that if I had a couple of drinks, and I was the only one who was allowed to drink spirits, I’d be like, ‘well, your husband told my husband this,” she said.

“I’d just like well it’s the dinner party and there’s been no drama tonight so I’d be like ‘I remember your husband told Mick this and Mick told me this’.”

Jessika was part of the MAFS season where Cyrell and Martha engaged in their infamous red-wine-fight that saw Martha dump a glass of wine on Cyrell.

While MAFS participants are allowed to drink on the show, Love Island cast members have much stricter rules when it comes to alcohol. Love Island EP Alex Mavroidakis told Herald Sun are limited to only one alcoholic drink per day.

“They (Islanders) get one drink a day and that is so they make good decisions because we are not one of those ‘get them hammered’ type of shows” he told the publication.

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Mavroidakis added, “We want them to look amazing and we want them to make smart decisions, so you will never see a drunk person on Love Island.”

 The producer said that the decision to make Love Island almost alcohol-free has numerous benefits for the show.

“We shoot an episode a day and we cut an episode a day, it is a daily cycle for us and in order for that to happen they can’t be hung over, they can’t make stupid decisions, they can’t have physical fights, they can’t scream and shout at each other,” Mavroidakis said of the Channel 9 dating show.

“Our show is about love and LOLs. We want people to laugh and enjoy the romance and look at lots of hot people: that is Love Island.”

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