Some floating hoopers have recently been spotted playing basketball in the Sydney Harbour on top of the water.

A group of hoopers was recently spotted on top of a small barge-like vessel sporting a full-sized basketball court on top of it. The court had small side rails encircling it, barely high enough to meet the people on the barge at the hip. The court, which came to fruition from the collaborative efforts of Hennessy and the NBA, was designed by Sydney-based Studio Messa.

The floating court is the successor of last year’s ridiculous installation of a basketball court, in which Hennessy built a court in the famous Bondi Icebergs pool. It seems the only way to one-up themselves was to put a court, on a barge, in the middle of the Sydney Harbour. Both courts were built in commemoration of the NBA Playoffs, with this year’s court being especially significant due to the 75th anniversary of the NBA Playoffs coming this year.

This year’s floating court hosted some notable figures such as rap royalty Ferg and the tennis superstar Nick Kyrgios, who made his return to the court after making an appearance at last year’s Bondi Icebergs court. Appearing alongside Ferg and Kyrgios was the one and only Larry O’Brien trophy, the trophy given to the last team standing at the end of the NBA Playoffs.

The NBA started its partnership with Hennessy in 2020 before taking its operations to a global scale in February of 2021. After putting a basketball court on Sydney Harbour in order to top their Bondi Icebergs stunt, who knows what they will try to do for next year’s NBA Playoffs. Perhaps they will put a court in an isolated corner of the Great Victorian Desert? Or maybe they will deface Carnarvon National Park? Only time will tell.

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