A truly great release, a definite contender for Album of the Year, and a sound that overwhelms the listener with the adulation of fanfare.

Normally reviews are a restrained and reserved, but with Jonathan Wilson’s second album Fanfare, it’s difficult to maintain such composure; the album is such an enjoyable listen that it’s impossible not to fall for it. From the loving organ and piano notes to the insistent strings of the guitar and beat of the drums and Jonathan’s own comforting and warm lyrics and vocals, there is not a single sour note to be found.

The album opener (and title track) immediately sets the tone and scale of the album, unfolding like the curtains being pulled back at the opera; ‘Dear Friend’ feels like riding a merry-go-round on LSD (in a good way); ‘Love To Love’ provides such a feel-good atmosphere it’s almost impossible to wipe the smile from your face or stop your foot tapping when listening.

Each song on the album is an immensely enjoyable listen, from beginning to end; there isn’t a single song that doesn’t enthrall.

Fanfare’s scope and grandeur is never overdone; every time the album begins to get too big for its own boots it immediately holds back and turns from an epic sound into a ’60s strut that wouldn’t feel out of place on a Rolling Stones or Bob Dylan record. The album is just that good.

Jonathan Wilson’s second record is one of immaculate beauty and brilliant creativity, and an excellent follow-up to his critically acclaimed debut album Gentle Spirit.

A must listen.

5/5 stars


Fanfareis out now through Bella Union/PIAS

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