A more mature take on the awkward, neurotic sensibilities that give Joyce Manor their heart.

Since their 2011 full-length debut, California quartet Joyce Manor have carved out a niche for themselves, melding the musical and thematic stylings of early Saves The Day and Weezer with a sense of frenzied urgency that’s made their output all the more earnest and impassioned. On third studio album Never Hungover Again, the band continues to craft catchy, succinct bursts of breakneck, angst-laden pop-punk while showing off a melodic edge and individual identity that demonstrate clear evolution.

While earlier work relied on a simplistic yet visceral method of delivery, it’s immediately clear in the dynamic juxtaposition and nuanced flair of ‘Christmas Card’ and ‘Falling In Love Again’ that the band has devoted far more time into fleshing out ideas within songs, while honouring the Joyce Manor tradition of keeping each around the two-minute mark. Throughout, the group explores a far wider sonic palette than in the past.The end result is a listening experience that ultimately feels more whole.


Never Hungover Againis out now through Epitaph.

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