Karen’s Diner – whose entire concept is based around insulting their customers – is in hot water for calling a patron a “paedo” and his daughter an “OnlyFans tart”.

There are currently six ‘Karen’s Diners’ in Australia and the name references the recent ‘Karen’ phenomenon; a word that’s being used to describe women who are entitled and rude. Urban Dictionary describes a ‘Karen’ as, “a pejorative name associated with uptight, middle-class, do-gooder types of white women.”

Customers can expect to be berated by the staff, experience terrible service and even be asked to clean their own table.

However, a father and daughter duo accused the restaurant of going too far with their insults.

‘My daughter was doing a Facebook Live and this young guy came up and said, “Are you on OnlyFans you tart? – Here’s some content for you” and he pretended to w*** himself off and jizz on the table,” Stacey Howard told the Courier Mail.

He continued, “My daughter sat on my lap because she was concerned and he said, “What are you a pedo? Are you all having sex with each other?”‘

While Karen’s Diner is famous for it’s rude service, the restaurant’s website lists a number of rules for customers and staff members.

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“No racism, no sexism, no homophobic comments, no body images comments, no ableist comments, do not touch our staff and no sexual remarks towards staff members,” it reads.

Howard told the publication that he contacted the restaurant’s owners for an apology, which he received.

“This incident was raised to us directly and we are currently conducting a thorough investigation,” a spokesperson for Karen’s Diner told Daily Mail Australia.

“As a venue, we are all about offering a fun experience for all patrons. We have strict guidelines in place for both staff and customers, so we were really disappointed to learn of this incident that occured on Sunday.”

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