The COVID-19 pandemic has been a terrible time and it’s just caused another setback: KFC is running low on chicken which is not finger lickin’ good.

The fast food chain confirmed it’s struggling with supply shortages due to the effects of the pandemic, with some of its restaurants set to run smaller menus for a while.

“Unfortunately our supply chain has been disrupted, and some of our restaurants will be offering a reduced menu,” a KFC spokesman informed “We’re sorry for any issues this causes our customers – we’re doing everything we can to help our suppliers get back on track.”

Warnings of sold out items started appearing at KFC restaurants this week. “Due to supplier issues, we have no original chicken, zingers, fillets or wings. Please refer to sold-out stickers for available items,” one sign read. Considering there’s an actual Facebook group called Blokes and their Zinger Boxes, with over 80K members, this news probably wasn’t well-received.

Hopefully it’s not too long before KFC gets back on track. As they wrote on their website, “like many businesses across Australia, our supply chain & workforce has been impacted by COVID-19. Rest assured we’re doing all we can to get back to fryin’ everyone’s faves as soon as possible.

This isn’t the way we wanted to start the year, please be kind to each other, and our staff as they do their best to provide the chicken we all love.”

It’s sadly not the first time KFC has had to deal with chicken shortages as a result of COVID-19. Back in July 2020, just a few months into the pandemic, several stores in Victoria had to close entirely or reduce their opening hours. Nothing is secure in these times.

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