There have been plenty of brilliant ad campaigns over the years, ranging from the hilarious, to the downright strange. But a new billboard in Sydney from mattress company Koala is emerging as a new contender for the most straightforward and upfront ad campaign in recent times.

Koala have been making a name for themselves in recent years by providing a pretty straightforward approach to their business. They’ve frequently stated how they’re aware of the runaround that most salespeople will try and give the consumer, and they want to make sure that the purchasing process is as easy as it can be for most people.

In fact, if you check out their website, they frequently make some hilarious statements about how they want to save their customers from things such as “sleazy salesmen in leased BMWs,” and “relying on coffee to get through a day.” But it’s the company’s most recent ad campaign that is an absolute winner.

Image of a Koala Mattress billboard in Sydney

Appearing in Sydney, the billboard presents the company as the foreign-sounding ‘de kóala’, presented as a clear shot at bedding specialists De Rucci. Paired with a rather stern looking fellow, the billboard claims that they deliver “Australia’s least pretentious mattress.” Easily one of the most thinly-veiled attempts throwing shade at the nightmarish looking star of De Rucci’s advertisements.

While this might look like a cheap shot to some, this is easily one of the cleverest advertisements we’ve seen in some time. Attacking the pretentious nature of the De Rucci ads, and replacing the nightmare-inducing fella in their billboards with a rather comical stand-in, it’s a brilliant piece of marketing. Either that, or Koala are actually big fans of De Rucci, using the old “imitation is the sincerest form of flattery” adage as a way to prove it.

Check out another one of Koala’s brilliant advertisements below.

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