For years as a teen, Laura Jean – one of Melbourne’s finest folk gems, though a bit of a rare cut – made a point to never miss a Saturday at Froggies, her local roller-skating rink in Gosford. “Shamefully, I rollerbladed,” she reflects. “I was really into it. And there was this rollerskater there called Lincoln.”

And Lincoln, he was the best.

“He was just like this little ratty kid with a shaved head who could jump over witches’ hats on his skates and I was obsessed with him for years. I never spoke to him – I just loved his energy,” she says. Saturday’s at Froggies filled her with a whimsical joy.

Watch the video for the new Laura Jean single ‘Girls On The TV’ here:


“Even though I never spoke to him, I think I had this weird bizarre relationship with him in my mind and it was probably much better than the real thing,” she says, her laughter ringing out over the phone. She’s sitting outside of a Melbourne café while her loyal kelpie-cross-blue heeler Dusty sits by her side.