In the lead up to the release of Solo: A Star Wars Story, a video has been released of Donald Glover giving an MTV Cribs style tour of the Millennium Falcon. It’s the most detailed look at the famous ship we’ve gotten so far, and it’s definitely enough to excite fans around the world.

The musician/actor/producer (He can do pretty much anything because he’s Donald Glover) is playing Lando Calrissian in the upcoming Star Wars spin-off. The film is set before the previous Star Wars anthology films, focussing on the adventures of young Han Solo.

The video shows the Millennium Falcon in peak condition – nothing like the run down “piece of junk” we’ve seen in the previous films. We also get a look at parts of the Falcon that haven’t been seen before.

Millenium Falcon cape wardrobe

The fully functional kitchen boasts a mini bar, whilst the living quarters includes a sound system and a guest bunk. Walking into the captain’s quarters, Glover pulls out the classic Cribs line: “This is where the magic happens.” The room includes a luxury Kajak hair lined bed, and a personal stereo system.

The tour peaks when you reach the walk-in wardrobe. An expansive collection of capes and only capes, there’s one for every occasion. Glover picks out a few of his favourites, but the best is definitely the “In case someone gets cold cape”.

The ship has never looked better, especially with Glover in the captain’s seat. The only thing that’s missing is a nice couch for the captains to relax in whilst jumping into hyperspace.Who throws out a perfectly good couch?

You’ll be able to see the Falcon in action when Solo: A Star Wars Story comes out in Australia on May 24th.

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