Even though two share bike companies shut down in Sydney earlier this year, a company from California have decided that painting the bikes green will solve all the problems with them. Lime launched in Sydney on Wednesday night.

Lime are the people behind the electric scooters that popped up over in New Zealand a few months ago, and they’re currently trialling those in Melbourne too. However, seeing as Sydney has found it difficult to embrace share bikes so far, the good people at Lime are yet to throw their scooters in the mix here.

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Lime’s other selling point on their share bike is that they are electronically assisted, which means you have to put in less effort to move faster. The batteries will be monitored by the Lime team and replaced regularly (apparently).

In reality these bikes are also probably just going to end up getting in everyone’s way and thrown in trees and waterways again. Not ideal. If you would like to use one of these mean green speed machines you just have to download the app and pay $1 to unlock it and 15c a minute after that, then just dock it in the right spot when you’re done.

The concept of bike sharing really isn’t that hard. It’s just apparently too hard for Sydney. Too help with that, watch an educational video on how they work below.

Watch: LimeBike share bike tutorial

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