Lindsay Lohan wants a Mean Girls sequel, telling E! that she is actively trying to make it happen. Unlike “fetch” though, this might actually happen.

Mean Girls 2 the movie—this is the importance. We need Rachel McAdams! We need the whole cast back”, she said.

“I’d love to do it again. We had so much fun making it. Mark Waters is such a great director, Tina Fey is an amazing writer, Paramount was great to work with—we all had a blast.”

Lohan has petitioned for this numerous times during the year.

Mean Girls 2 would be great,” Lohan told told the Mail in February. “It’s something I’ve always [been] interested in doing, it has such a great cult following, it would be wonderful to do something else.

“All of us should have kids, like a Housewives of… And all my kids are from Africa. We’ve adopted them or something funny.”

We are in!

Now, its worth noting that a straight-to-DVD sequel was released in 2011, with no involvement from any of the original creator – but that doesn’t count.

Over to you, Kevin G.

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