After being dumped by Callum Hole on Love Island Australia, Vakoo Kauapirura has expressed regrets about investing so much time in him. 

After being dumped by Callum Hole for Maddy Gillbanks on the latest episode of Love Island Australia, Vakoo Kauapirura has expressed her regrets about investing so much time and energy into him. She has, however, in her own way, warned Hole that his actions might just come back to bite him. 

Speaking to So Dramatic! in a new chat, Kauapirura admitted she was ‘upset’ when Hole chose Gillbanks over her. “I felt like he would have known for a while that he probably wasn’t interested in me. And I wish he had told me earlier because my whole journey was about him.” she said. 

At first, she did think that she and Hole had a genuine connection, but watching the show in retrospect has made her believe that Hole’s attraction to her might have been superficial. 

Kauapirura recalled: “I feel like he doesn’t realise his words actually have consequences. We saw he was saying one thing to me and saying one thing to Layla… But I don’t think he realised the severity of what he was doing.”

While she knows Hole will eventually have to answer for his choices, she does wish to have approached her time on the show differently. “I feel like watching it is sad,” she said. “It makes me sad because I feel so dumb, and it’s so embarrassing. I don’t regret getting to know Callum, but I regret putting all my time in.” Kauapirura admitted. 

Elsewhere in the interview, she also objected to how her relationship with Tak Chipangura was depicted as a means to an end. Contrary to how it was shown – that she was only talking to him to stay in the villa – Kauapirura claimed the two spoke every day and had interesting conversations. 

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